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Automatically eligible to be trainer, student and to make any purchase.

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Our Trainer Benefits

By being our trainer, instructor or tutor you will have free personal access to all of our platform features where you will have all the followings at your disposal.


You can convene lessons efficiently via video teleconferencing session (at our platform) with additional features that allows students to record the tutor session effortlessly. Our Platform also support setting of a face to face lesson and scheduling.

Private Market Place

You can sell your own online notes, books and teaching videos for personal profit via your own created tutor's dashboard. All instructors will have it for free.

Online Exam

You can formulate your own online examination papers which can be either taken by your student or sold all around the world without limit.

Own Public Profile

You can have your own dashboard as private marketplace and public profile where you can copy and paste the unique link and spread it anywhere and easy accessed by potential students and clients.


You can also create educational event, sell its ticket and monitor list of registered paid participants with super ease.

How to Complete Your Trainer’s Profile?

You need to follow 7 steps which consist of:


Sign up your mobile

Set your location

Upload Tutor Documentations

Add Service & Products

Update your location

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